Course Lessons

1.1 Assessment
1.2 Programming for People with Disabilities
1.3 Data Collection
1.4 Planning a Program
1.5 Schedules and Supervision
1.6 Marketing Methods
1.7 Program Reports
1.8 Assessing Your Programs
1.9 Program Evaluations

2.1 Recruitment
2.2 Advertising
2.3 Screen and Test
2.4 In-Person Interview
2.5 The Selection Process
2.6 Training Tools


3.1 Setting Fees
3.2 Revenues
3.3 Expenditures
3.4 Petty Cash & Credit Cards
3.5 Purchase Orders

4.1 Policies & Procedures
4.2: Information Systems
4.3: Maintenance Standards
4.4: Partnerships
4.5: Risk Management
4.6: Energy Efficiency
4.7: Types of Plans
4.8: Capital Improvement Projects
4.9: Site Plans and Maps
4.10: Customer Service

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Course Overview


Note:  We've put a ton of time and energy in to this study guide, but we know it can't capture everything that you would ever need to know as a Parks and Recreation Professional. It's always a good idea to supplement your studying.  Whether it's through CPRP Study Guide books, the NRPA Online Program, or Practice Exams, we encourage you to find the resources you need.

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